Pregnancy Fit T-Tapp Workouts

With the T-Tapp Method, pregnancy doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or miserable. When we sit for long periods, lymph fluid becomes stagnant and collects toxins.

Pregnancy Fit utilizes pregnancy-safe twists, pumping motions, and full-body muscle activation to get the lymph moving from head to toe.

Moving lymph fluid is effective in relieving pain in the muscles and joints. It also actively promotes gentle detoxification, as well as decreasing water retention, swelling, and inflammation.


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About Your Trainer

Margaret Barry has been T-Tapping since 2013 and personally trained with Teresa Tapp. In addition to certifying as a T-Tapp Trainer in August 2016 and a Master T-Tapp Trainer in February of 2019, she is a Nutritional Therapist and Certified Fitness Trainer. It is her passion to help women optimize their health, happiness, and vitality by learning to work with their body, not against it.

Questions? Contact Margaret here.