Want to dive deep into natural, holistic health? These courses dive deep into metabolic + hormonal health, and the physiology of pregnancy and prenatal nutrition.

metabolism rehab course
Metabolic and Hormone Balance Course

Metabolism Rehab

Over the last 8 years working with clients, I’ve learned what works (and what doesn’t work) when it comes to supporting women’s metabolic health and hormone balance.

The purpose of creating this course is to share what I have learned and the principles I apply as a practitioner in such a way that the information can be shared, in its fullness, without the time constraints that come with a 1:1 setting.

In this course, I include ALL of my best resources and information. The curriculum covers a lot of ground – not only teaching you the practical applications of my particular approach, but I teach the WHY behind the approaches I advocate for surrounding stress management, mineral balance, blood sugar balance, adrenal and thyroid health, exercise, and so much more.

Why such an emphasis on education? When we understand how the body works, we can understand how to optimally support it.

minerals and motherhood course
Prenatal Nutrition Course

Minerals and Motherhood

As a practitioner who specializes in mineral balance, I like to take a proactive approach to prenatal nutrition. Regardless of the way you give birth, or if any complications do arise, you will never regret taking time to tend to your prenatal nutrition. After all, it can powerfully influence your child’s health for years to come!

But in order to do so, we have to understand the “big picture” – the physiology of pregnancy – to understand what steps we can take to support ourselves.

In this course, ancestral knowledge of traditional foods is shared alongside the wisdom gleaned from the work of Dr. Tom Brewer, which runs parallel to the newly-emerging evidence for minerals, and their profound influence on pregnancy, postpartum, and fetal development.

Not only does this course educate on the physiology of pregnancy, giving you confidence in your journey, but it also gives you the practical tips you’ll need to apply this information!

This course includes a trove of information on the art and science of prenatal and postpartum nutrition, but most importantly, you’ll receive the practical tools you need to apply the information to your life! This course is self-paced, and you have ongoing access to the course after purchase.

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