Happy, Healthy Hormones T-Tapp Workout

How can this workout help you?

  1. Improved Detoxification
  2. Blood Sugar Balance
  3. Rebuilds Muscle & Resting Metabolic Rate


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Benefits of this T-Tapp Workout

We already know that exercise is excellent for many facets of health, including insulin sensitivity, lean muscle mass building, mood improvement, bone density, and more. So, what makes this workout excellent for hormone balance? The T-Tapp method as taught in these classes is excellent for promoting hormone balance in several ways: imoved + enhanced detoxification via the lymphatic system, better blood sugar, and increased spinal muscle density and mass.

Improved Detoxification

The lymphatic system is the body’s waste disposal system, and is also part of your immune system. The lymphatic system (along with the liver) is what helps us remove toxins and spent hormones from the body. Regular movement of the lymphatic system means that the body can get rid of waste and spent hormones easier.

This workout focuses on movements and techniques that target your major postural muscles, including the Latissimus Dorsi (Lats) muscle. The Lats are near the thoracic duct, a storage depot for lymphatic fluid.

Activation of the lats in the specific ways demonstrated in this workout series can help trigger the release of lymphatic fluid, which aids detoxification, the elimination of waste and toxins.

The activated twists and breathing patterns we use in this workout also help wring out the lymph nodes and ducts that surround the spine, including the Cisterna chyli and thoracic duct.

Blood Sugar Balance

This method is also excellent for blood sugar homeostasis. The latissimus dorsi (Lats) muscles are a large muscle that, as Teresa said, has a propensity for burning glucose.

T-Tapp also works 5-7 different muscles at a time, meaning you are maximizing your energy burn whenever you do a move. Anytime we can balance and regulate the blood sugar of the body so that there are no crashes or spikes, this decreases the need for adrenal hormones to regulate the blood sugar.

Anything that helps the adrenals will automatically assist in better hormone balance. Why? Both adrenal and female hormones all come from the same precursor, pregnenolone.

The body’s goal is for you to survive, and if it feels stressed or threatened, it will opt to create the “stress response” hormones like adrenaline and cortisol instead of the female hormones such as progesterone and estrogen. The body is very smart, and it always prioritizes survival over reproduction.

Rebuilds Muscle and Resting Metabolic Rate

We know that having higher amounts of muscle mass is helpful as women go into various seasons of life where their hormones will change (postpartum, menopause, etc.) Muscle mass is extremely metabolically valuable and supportive of all of the body’s processes, including its burning energy at rest, unlike adipose tissue.

T-Tapp uses isometric muscle activation to help you build lean, dense muscles with no weights or equipment required.

T-Tapp also helps you rebuild your resting glucose utilization rate (a process that makes your body burn glucose, even when you’re sitting). To do that rebuilding, we have to create spinal muscle density because those core muscles prefer glucose for fuel.

To increase core density, spinal muscles have to be activated at both points of attachment (and that’s where those Lats we talked about come in handy!) With this increased spinal muscle density, your body burns glucose even at rest.

This, in turn, can help your body maintain better blood sugar balance, which in turn helps your body manage fat burning and dip into fat storage effectively.


About Your Trainer

Margaret Barry has been T-Tapping since 2013 and personally trained with Teresa Tapp. In addition to certifying as a T-Tapp Trainer in August 2016 and a Master T-Tapp Trainer in February of 2019, she is a Nutritional Therapist and Certified Fitness Trainer. It is her passion to help women optimize their health, happiness, and vitality by learning to work with their body, not against it.

Questions? Contact Margaret here.